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10 Tips to Visit Disney in Orlando

Going to a Disney park for the first time can be scary. So much to do that we don’t even know where to start. After many trips to Disney parks we started collecting some lessons learned, so here are some of my tips for you if you’re planning a visit to Disney in Orlando.

10 Tips to Visit Disney in Orlando

1 – If you are celebrating some special occasion, don’t forget to stop by Guest Services to get a bottom right at the entrance of 1st Visit, Birthday, Honeymoon or Wedding Anniversary. This can guarantee special attention from the park staff.

2 – One technique that I use in practically all parks is to go to the end of it in the attraction that interests me the most and do the opposite way back. In Magic Kingdom arrive before or at the opening of the park and go to Splash Mountain or Space Mountain first if you are interested in any of these attractions. They are the ones that fill up the most and usually people start with the attractions closest to the entrance.

3 – Parades or fireworks are always more empty than rides and attractions. If you have already watched them, take advantage of this time to go to the most popular attractions. Or if you want to watch the parade, stay close to the attraction you want to go after the parade (for example Splash Mountain) and leave immediately after the parade is over.

4 – If you are alone to go in any attraction, go to the “single line”. Look for one of the employees in the park who is close to the attraction to direct you to the single line if you can’t find it, practically all rides have this option.

5 – Use Fast Pass whenever possible. Don’t face unnecessary lines.

6 – Leave the shopping for last, you don’t want to carry bags around the park.

7 – For those who have girls who love princesses (I have 6 nieces!!!)… instead of having lunch at Cinderella Royal Table, which needs reservations a long time in advance and costs more, if you go to Epcot Center, plan a breakfast, lunch or dinner at Norway Princess Dinner, where the girls can meet all the princesses.

8 – Take a picture of where you parked your car. It is very important. Take a picture of all the family when they arrive at the park. In case someone separates, it is easier to describe what clothes the person was wearing for the security team. Put a wristband or a business card with your phone in the children’s pocket.

9 – You can visit Disney Resorts and park for free for up to 3 hours. At the Magic Kingdom gate keep the right and tell them that you are going to visit the resorts. This is a great option in Orlando when you arrive in the afternoon and want to explore Disney doing something different and not use your park ticket. The resorts have several scattered characters and several “hidden mickeys”.

10 – If you are planning to stay in the park all day and with small children, say, 6 or 7 years old, a stroller is a must! Either rent it at Disney or bring it, or buy it. It will be your money well spent, because children get tired and if you have nowhere to rest, they can get really bored and make your day a nightmare.

Do you have any Disney park tips to share? Leave it here in the comments.

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