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Top Culinary Schools in Orlando, Florida

While the state of Florida may be mostly known for it’s amazing weather, tourist attractions, beaches, and it’s amazing tasting oranges that makes great tasting orange juice it is also widely known amongst the culinary industry for it’s great culinary education. There are many reputable culinary schools in the state of Florida that has helped developed some of the most skillful chef’s around the word today. In this specific post, we will blog about a couple of these schools.

Top Culinary Schools in Orlando, Florida

Also, just a quick note, there are many awesome schools that we think highly of that resides in the state of Florida although we may have not listed them on this specific post. That being said, if you are looking for information on a specific culinary school in Florida, please feel free to browse our category section and pages, as we may have written a blog post in reference to a specific school that you’re researching.

Top Culinary Schools in FL

Ashford University 

The Ashford University is a private institution classified under the “For Profit Universities”. It is currently one of the largest culinary schools in Orlando, Florida, with over 50 degree programs offered. The school’s online-based courses are reportedly attended by 95% of its students. The University’s School for Culinary Arts Management allows students to transfer up to 12 approved coursework on culinary arts management for completion. The various degree programs offered by the Ashford University entitle students to qualify for the Organizational Management degree program for culinary arts. The special program involves the students’ participation in organizational skills and development trainings such as decision management, group behavior and ethics in food preparation.

The Orlando Tech

School of Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts specializes in training programs such as food storage preparation, meticulous food preparation and serving, communication, mathematical and human relation skills in culinary management and presentation of various Western and European cuisine. The job training programs offered by the one of the established culinary schools in Orlando, Florida is oftentimes referred to as the Occupational Completion Points (OCP). The OCPs are granted to students who have completed several culinary arts management courses in advance. The opportunities given by the OCPs were approved by the Florida Department of Education.

Here are two simple requirements in order to receive credit and graduate from the school’s culinary arts training program:

  • Students must demonstrate or complete the first part of the Master of Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts subject before proceeding to its second part.
  • In accordance to the law mandated by the State of Florida, students are required to complete the “Basic Level Skills in Culinary Arts Program” prior to the completion of the 2-part mastery program. The basic level skills’ coverage includes mathematics, reading and language comprehension.

The Valencia Community College 

The Valencia Community College  School of Culinary Management offers two basic degree programs:

  • The Culinary Management Program Guide – the course requirements are outlined for both degree and certificate holders. The guide is regularly offered for culinary arts graduates, chefs and novices.
  • Recommended Course Sequence Guide – for both full-time and part time students.

Valencia offers a special two-year culinary program for students qualified to undergo OJT programs in various establishments, including hotels, theme parks and even hospitals. Eligible scholars of Valencia’s culinary schools in Orlando, Florida are entitled to earn college credits based from these granted certifications: Food Safety Manager, Certified Culinarian, ServSafe Professional Food Service Manager and national certificates.